The trend: maximum distinction. The solution: a personalized finish.

Creative people need ideas – and professionals to put them into practice.

Digitalization is leaving its mark on the world, and this includes the world of fashion. Personalized differentiation is becoming increasingly important for customers due to global communication and availability. By the same token, the digital economy has created new opportunities for this demand to be met.

As a result, personal wear, limited or special editions, creative labels with fast product cycles as well as special interest suppliers have a good chance of becoming competitive and successful – so long as they don’t forget one thing: The customer would like to identify with their choice of product – if the quality is right. In other words, the finishing and refinement require experienced professionals – and we’re just that!



  • Logos, signets, branding
  • Taglines
  • Drawings und images
  • Ornaments and decor
  • Special effects and special colors
  • Rhinestones, sequins and combinations of both
  • 3D, glossy, metallic and fluorescent looks
  • Care instructions, size and information on materials


Picture gallery fashion and functional garments

Our textile fini­shing processes

Added value for textiles and clothing

Sports shirts, fashion products, promo or work wear: there are numerous uses for contemporary textile transfers. At BIESS, we offer you the full spectrum of services, including Flex and Flock transfers, direct printing and industrial embroidery, as well as the revolutionary 3D Transfer, to optimally implement your ideas. Our innovative technology, quality materials and consistent service ensure superior results: quickly, reliably and efficiently, regardless of the order volume.

All sample products shown here are exclusive customizations, not for sale without permission from the copyright holder. Some examples are symbol displays and were not produced in-house.