When you prepare an event for months, you should rightly expect perfection in every detail!

Event management is a complex matter. And you can rely on us to get it right.

Whether it’s the German soccer Bundesliga, city marathons or cross country, whether international or regional, professional or amateur – sports events are growing ever more popular, and have established themselves as a booming business area in the leisure sector, too.

Participants invest a great deal of money and time in their passion and expect the organization of an event to be perfect, and this includes clothing and textile accessories. The material and finishing must be durable and robust, and production precise, even when large quantities and different varieties are manufactured. And that’s exactly where we come in. Thanks to a wealth of experience and optimal structures we can guarantee you top quality and smooth handling.



  • Event name and sponsors
  • Manufacturer, outfitter, organizer
  • Club and confederation insignia
  • National colors
  • Social campaigning
  • Competitor, start and shirt numbers
  • Individual sponsors
  • Venue and date


Picture gallery sports events and challenges

Our textile fini­shing processes

Added value for textiles and clothing

Sports shirts, fashion products, promo or work wear: there are numerous uses for contemporary textile transfers. At BIESS, we offer you the full spectrum of services, including Flex and Flock transfers, direct printing and industrial embroidery, as well as the revolutionary 3D Transfer, to optimally implement your ideas. Our innovative technology, quality materials and consistent service ensure superior results: quickly, reliably and efficiently, regardless of the order volume.

All sample products shown here are exclusive customizations, not for sale without permission from the copyright holder. Some examples are symbol displays and were not produced in-house.