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Service is not about performing duties. It’s about exceeding expectations.

Service and support Textile finishing: You have a goal. We have the solution.

You have a goal. We offer a solution.

Our work is varied – as varied as our clients: We work with creatives, with project managers, with organizational experts and strategic entrepreneurs. All of them bring different approaches and perspectives to the task, and it’s our goal to offer the full extent of our expertise and experience to help them reach their goals.

Whether you already know what you need or whether you would like us to advise you in finding your ideal path, we’ll bring constructive openness and a great deal of dedication to the job, to make sure that your projects are implemented to your complete satisfaction. Because we’re committed to surpassing ourselves – and the highest expectations – time and again.



  • One-stop service
  • Consulting and project management
  • Data validation and optimization
  • Design, creation, digitalization
  • Provision of garments and accessories
  • Delivery, storage and just-in-time logistics
  • Express processing and delivery on demand


Our services include


Project Management Transfer Printing

Project management textile printing: team meeting for consulting, organization, process development

Consulting, organisation, process development

We are there for you. You require information on new possibilities – we will advise you. You have a question or require an offer – we will answer any questions you may have. You have an idea, but you do not know whether it can be implemented – we examine your concept and develop suitable procedures. Your project needs to meet specific organisational requirements – we will attend to them and find a solution. You want results – we provide them. Just get in touch with us!


File Formats for textile printing

Production data for textile printing: Takeover, testing and optimization for high-quality textile finishing

Data transfer, verification, optimisation

We can work with designs in all common and less common file formats – for instance vector graphics, such as *.ai, *.fh, *.cdr or *.eps formats as well as raster graphics such as *.psd, *.jpg, *.bmp or *.tiff images. After submission, your data is carefully examined, optimised and, if necessary, adjusted. In case of discrepancies, we consult you as quickly as possible to avoid potential complications.


Transfer Designs for textile printing

Application motifs for textile finishing: design, layout and digitalisation of analogue templates

Concept, design, digitalisation

If you cannot provide your concepts in digital form – no problem! We can digitalise your paper-based artwork, sketches or designs according to your wishes or develop completely new design proposals in close coordination with you. We want to do a perfect job and the first step is designing an impressive and expressive motive.


Textiles and Accessories for textile printing

Textilien und Accessoires für den Textildruck: Verarbeitung, Einkauf und Bereitstellung ganz nach ihren Wünschen

Processing, purchase, delivery

We have the capacities and logistics to process even the largest production volumes of clothing manufacturers. On the other hand, clients without their own production facilities enjoy access to a wide-ranging selection of clothing and accessories for any purpose, in best quality and from well-known manufacturers via our suppliers. The assortment includes such renowned names as Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, Hakro, James & Nicholson, Jerzees, Promodoro, Result, Slazenger and many more.


Production and Post Processing in textile finishing

Production and further processing in textile finishing: processes, possibilities and always the latest technology

Procedures, possibilities, technology

From transfer printing and direct printing to industrial embroidery – we offer all of the essential procedures, state-of-the-art machines and technologies: We manufacture and process transfers of all kinds using environmentally-friendly, efficient and high-quality practices. These can be made for any purpose or area of application, placed on almost any textile and produced at any volume. We have the necessary experience and the required know-how to implement your ideas to perfection: simply let us know what you want and we will find the optimal solution!


Logistics & shipping of textile prints

Logistics & shipping of textile prints: delivery, storage and stocking according to your requirements

Delivery, storage, stockage

We adapt to your requirements. We can pre-produce and store requested transfers at high volumes and low costs. That way, if you suddenly require additional supplies, we can deliver exactly the desired quantity – whether you need unfixed transfers or finished textiles and accessories. It couldn't be easier! You define what product and quantity you need and when you need it – and we supply the order: reliably and on time!


Express orders in textile printing

Express orders in textile printing: speed, efficiency and reliability - just in time!

Speed, efficiency, reliability

If you require products at especially short notice, you have come to the right place. A new sponsor, a new player, a sudden opportunity and shifting public opinions – these and other unexpected events require a fast response. They are an integral part of the sports, fashion, advertisement and event marketing industries. For us it represents a chance to demonstrate our ability to react – a challenge which we gladly accept.


Our textile finishing processes

All sample products shown here are exclusive customizations, not for sale without permission from the copyright holder. Some examples are symbol displays and were not produced in-house.