Maximum challenge for people, machines and materials.

Special circumstances require special measures.

Special materials, high material resistance as well as strict regulations render textile finishing in the areas of automotive and motor sports a sophisticated task: Seat covers and linings made of leather, faux leather and flame-retardant special textiles as well as extremely hardwearing race or protective suits are needed. To provide all of this and also meet high demands for dirt and abrasion resistance, along with complicated assembly instructions, calls for experts who can promise optimal results every time.

Experts like us. Thanks to our long experience in the field, our innovative procedures and our in-house materials-research facility, we’re a reliable and competent partner for you – including in the field of motor sports – and we’re happy to rise to the challenge!



  • Racing suits and protective clothing
  • Vehicle and child seats
  • Upholstery, coverings, rugs
  • Textile interior lining and coverings
  • Vehicle covers and covers
  • Fan Accessories and Memory Shirts
  • Textile merchandising articles


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Our textile fini­shing processes

Added value for textiles and clothing

Sports shirts, fashion products, promo or work wear: there are numerous uses for contemporary textile transfers. At BIESS, we offer you the full spectrum of services, including Flex and Flock transfers, direct printing and industrial embroidery, as well as the revolutionary 3D Transfer, to optimally implement your ideas. Our innovative technology, quality materials and consistent service ensure superior results: quickly, reliably and efficiently, regardless of the order volume.

All sample products shown here are exclusive customizations, not for sale without permission from the copyright holder. Some examples are symbol displays and were not produced in-house.